Terminator is worth your hard earned cash! Bring shit to a close. 👍🏻

Sometimes you just want to say F' it! 😎

Chillin' with anonradio! Seems like this is primetime?

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OC Take Over?

Once a month or whenever shows are missed G. Love goes off the script and lets it rip with an off beat playlist of 19 min or less.

Usually it's not for the faint of heart! ✌️ 💗 🙏


Feeling like I'm getting dicked around by the Jortge folks. Kind of bullshit like this that I no bueno.

Dude, it's Friday! Can I get a hell yeah?!?

NY style Pizza they say. Umm nope, its bland overpriced Orlando Pizza. Which was terrible btw!

It’s too early for Christmas Music!

Work was crazy this week. Hopefully this weekend we are on tor. Shouldn't take too long to configure.

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Heck yes Defrag World Cup 2019 starts November 2nd.

#quake3 #defrag #dfwc

DFWC 2019 Official Trailer:


Ohh yeah this week, this instance will be accessible via TOR. Details to come! 👍

masto.casa we'll make bluebirds cry! 😂 Need a home? Registrations are open.

Bots and Nazis need not apply.

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David squeezed out the densest kidney stone he could, placed it in his sling, and cracked out Goliath's brain

Happy Sunday Fediverse! Hope your Sunday is treating you well. Mine started with a data center power outage! But no data corruption Ahhh the smell of victory!

Getting my dose of metal! Like this Children of Bodom track. Think I’ll buy the CD. I like to support the artists that put in the time to evoke.


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Gin wasn’t it?...Bourbon right!
John Wick is the shit! Love these films!

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