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Yes we have rules and standards at Masto.Casa


**TL;DR** All opinions are welcome, but hate speech, illegal content and advertisements are prohibited. Users who don't respect rules will be silenced or suspended, depending on the violation severity. We don’t block instances unless they severely and/or constantly break our rules or cause inconveniences for our users.
  • No illegal stuff advertisements, harassment, hate speech etc. Please don't post anything like that here. Other instances exist that love that.

  • Be kind and respectful to other users. Please treat other Masto.Casa users with respect, so that this will be a positive place for everyone.

  • We will act on our users' reports, but bans on an instance-wide level will only be issued if it is evident that our users will need more protection than what per-user tools give. Thus, we suggest that you first block the person(s) you don't want to see. If that situation degenerates, contact us and we'll deal with it. Moderation is a last resort action, as you, the user have the power to block/silence anyone or any instance you want.

  • Content warnings are requiredif you are posting content that is erotic, possibly pornographic, gory, etc. This applies to text, pictures, and videos. If you would not open that picture/video in front of your boss/spouse/kids, use the content warning feature. That way individual users will see the content warning, and decide for themselves if they want to click and view the content you have shared. We are not a porn site, if that interests you please visit one of those instances.

  • Avatars and BannersYour avatar is an image that represents you and appears next to messages (toots) that you send. You are welcome to upload a custom avatar image. But please, make sure your avatar image is safe-for-work. It should be an image that people will feel comfortable having on their computer screens whilst children are looking over their shoulders. No erotic, pornographic, or gory avatars. This also applies to banners.

  • There is to be no spreading of malicious or misleading information (such as, but not limited to, anti-science, fake news, hate brigading) all are bannable offenses. Users exhibiting such behavior from other instances may also be banned.

  • No Posting extreme political contentsuch as nazism, extreme far-left content (eg violent forms of communism) and extreme nationalism should not be posted. An exception to this is news stories and journalism around these topics.

  • We do not tolerate incitement of violenceregardless of the situation. Incitement of violence is tolerated neither ante-mortem nor post-mortem, eg. celebrating someone's death.

  • Anything that can be regarded as advertising is discouragedand will, with repeated offenses, result in a ban. This includes giveaways and call-to-action posts (that are of a for-profit nature), affiliate marketing and so forth. Commissions related to the arts are exempt on this ruling at the discretion of the moderators.

  • Use the Report FeatureIf you see content that violates our rules, please use the report feature, this is not a full time job. Do not DM the admin account as it may go unanswered, reporting it is the best way to bring an issue to light.

  • No bots or automated servicesou can review sites like botsin.space for that content.

PLEASE use proper Hashtags describing your content, so other users can find and or filter your content!

Most importantly have fun and be respectful to each other!